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Little Red Button

by Namron Players Theatre

Sarah Fenner King

See it in person at
Factory Obscura
Sat   10/2   2:30p
Sun  10/3   7:00p  
Wed 10/6   8:30p
Sat    10/9   4:00p


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The Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is a ten-day annual event taking place in Oklahoma City


October 1-1O, 2O21

In person and online


Theatre Crude showcases creative and adventurous local theatre companies, as well as fantastic companies from across the country (and potentially, the globe).


Factory Obscura is located at 

25 NW 9th St, Oklahoma City

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LRB Production Image.jpg
Vera recorded her sister's accidental death, and submits the footage to the local film festival. Small-town political diva and host of the festival Darcy Langford tries to contain the scandal, but her assistant Janelle has her own secret agenda and played the video on purpose. These 3 women collide in a mess of grief and damaged mental health, in a dark comedy about death and suicide.

Sarah King Bartell - Playwright, Director

Jessica Carabajal - Actor

Regan Schreier - Actor

Kristin Kuns - Actor

The Namron Players Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 2012 by Sarah Fenner King, Cait Goddard, and Nick Bartell to create original works with local artists. Sarah has since stepped away and currently at the Namron helm is Sheryl Martin, Artistic and Executive Director.

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