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LOTS of shows to see at this year's

Theatre Crude Fringe Festival and "One Star" from Namron founder Sarah Fenner King (aka Sarah King Bartell), is the one we can't wait to see!


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The Theatre Crude Fringe Festival is a ten-day annual event taking place in Oklahoma City in the fall. Theatre Crude showcases creative and adventurous local theatre companies, as well as fantastic companies from across the country (and potentially, the globe). 


The 2020 Festival will be held entirely online with live streamed and prerecorded performances from participating companies of emerging and established artists.  The shows will be streamed live in collaboration with  Factory Obscura from their Mix-Tape experience in Oklahoma City.

One Star

by Sarah Fenner King

Taking inspiration from real online reviews, One Star is a comedy about an employee of the National Parks who has the unenviable job of replying to willfully negative online reviews which find fault with awesome historical landmarks.

Premieres Saturday, Oct 3 at 7pm (CST)

Admission to the Premier is free!

Available through Oct. 31 with the

All-Access Pass

Sarah Fenner King: Playwright, Director, Performer (Kara)

Lauren K. Rawls-Dale: Performer (Sheila)

Britni Peel: Filmographer