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Namron’s New Plays Premier!
February 27, 7:00pm
on YouTube
Viewing is free, but your donations are always welcome. 
Learn about the cast, directors, et al--CLICK HERE
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Barely Baptized written by Melanie Wilderman & directed by Sheryl Martin

In his new career path as a youth minister, Jake faces a tough crowd: the teenagers in the youth group who absolutely adored his predecessor. Fresh from Bible college, Jake has plenty of tactics ready to win them over. However, when the overly optimistic new minister tells the teens they can “ask him anything,” the questions land Jake in the middle of a biblical debate he never would have predicted. With Ahrla Daison, Moira Mosely, Noah Sweet, Daniel Rios, Beck Bales, Rick Lockett, and Carly Risenhoover-Peterson.


Too Much to Bare written by Ted Satterfield & directed by Jane Gibbons

Bailey is a recent college graduate recruited to be a teacher in Spiral, Oklahoma—a small town struggling to attract and retain new teachers. The recruiting tour rolled out the red carpet and made the sleepy town seem oh so quaint and welcoming, but Bailey soon begins to see how suspicious townspeople are of outsiders. With Aaron Bushong and Chelsea Bushong.


Meemaw’s Bear Tales written & directed by Sarah King Bartell 

A grandmother separated from her grandkids tries to entertain them with some good old southern folktales as you've never heard them before, with brand-new origin stories such as How the Bear Learned to Hibernate, How the Mouse Got Her Long Tail, and How the Fish Got Her Gills. These charming stories examine Americana and stereotypical American traits such as resourcefulness, cunning, and persistence. With Sue Ellen Reiman.

Namron’s New Plays are made possible by grants from the Norman Arts Council, the Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Kirkpatrick Foundation, and the Schwartz Family Foundation, through the help of The Depot and The Show Starts Now Studios, and through generous donations from Friends of Namron like you. Thank you for your support!

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